Instructions to Authors

Gestão & Produção is directed to everybody interested in high quality research in the IE OM department, graduates enrolled ina a program, practitioners applying IE and OM techiniques in the field.

Before submitting a manuscript for publication, make sure it is in accordance with the requirements of Journal of Management & Production editorial policy. Those that do not meet the policy criteria will be sent back to the authors.

Works will be evaluated by three to five referees (blind-review) and all reviews will be analyzed by the Editorial Board. A manuscript will not be published if it is declined by two referees. The accepted manuscripts that were retained for review have to be reevaluated before publication to verify the completion of the referees’ assignment. The advising and assistance committee members represent the journal in their own institutions, and so they can be referees. The first number of each issue lists all referees who evaluated the manuscripts published in the previous volume. Whenever necessary, the manuscripts can be evaluated by ad-hoc referees.

  • Form and Preparation of manuscripts
    Gestão & Produção is devoted to publish:
    articles which present techinical and scientific advance;
    articles which present pratical application e.g. using case studies
    articles in which a theme or sufject is systematically reviewed
    articles previously published on Gestão & Produção.
    All sumitted manuscripts should contain original Research.
    The members of the Consuling Board are thethe representatives of Gestão & Produção in their respective institutions and can be part of the referees board during the year. In the first edition of each volume, a list of referees who evaluated manuscripts is published. The official language of theJournal is Portuguese but the manuscripts can also be submited in English or Spanish.
    For Creating a manuscript

    Manuscript Guidelines

    For Creating a manuscript Word for Windows shouldbe used. Font should be Times New Roman with font (Word for Windows®), size 12 and a with 1.5 spacing should be applied throughout. A all margins should br 2.5 cm and paper size A4 (210X297). Each manuscript should have minimum 18 pages and maximum 22 pages without references. Type-5 manuscripts(see Editorial Policy above for more information) should have a maximum of 10 pages.t including references.
    The maximum file size for each manuscript is 3 MB.

    The text should be written on A4 paper using one side of the page only. Sections of the text should be mentioned instead of page numbers.

    The manuscript strutures should be:
    • Title;
    • Authors (name, institution, address, e-mail address –provide this information only once when it is the same for all authors);
    • Abstract in English;
    • No more than six keywords;
    • Text;
    • Acknowledgements ;
    • attachaments;
    • References;
    • Title in Portuguese;
      abstract in portuguese and keywords in portuguese..
    The ilustrations should have a high print quality. They should be attached in wich case their positions in the text should be clearly indicated. There is no color print.
    Do not include footnotes. All mathematical equation should be numbered consecutively. Forgein words which appears in the should be in italics et al).

    Finally references should follow the Harvard style ante the references lista at the end of text shold be according to the first author's last name.

    After submittin the manuscript, all autors ares required to signs and send The Journal os Management & Production's Copyright Transfer Agreement" ( autorais.doc) to the following Address: Gestão & Produção

    A/C: Editoria

    Universidade Federal de São Carlos

    Departamento de Engenharia de Produção

    Caixa Postal 676

    13565-905 - São Carlos - SP


    Submitting a Manuscript

    Submissions on the Site:submission